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Argentina Communications

The principal service company of the argentine postal service is the Correo Central however; other private postal services exist that function in the same form and various distributing subsidiaries throughout the country. Some of them are Oca and Servicor.

If you utilize the normal postal service a letter will take 6 to 15 days from Buenos Aries to United States, meanwhile to England it can take 10 to 15 days. It is recommended to put postcards in an envelope so that they arrive much faster. Express services do exist and it delays 3 to 5 days to any international destiny.


The international code of Argentina is 54, while the area code in Buenos Aries is 11. All the telephone numbers in this city commence with 4. When calling cellular phones in Buenos Aries you must dial 15. To make a call within the country dial 0 then the area code and for international calls dial 00 then the country code.

All national and international calls can be made from public telephones, telecentros (telephone centers), locutorios (telephone offices) and hotels, although hotels usually charge 30% more for telephone calls. It is possible that you will find a public telephone in almost every street corner, the majority of them function with phone cards (obtainable from kiosks and stores). Only some public phones accept coins.

There is an abundance of telecentros and locutorios in the larger cities. The advantage in using them is that you pay only the amount of time you have spoken, you can see how much time you spend speaking and therefore you can control how much time you wish to talk and how much money you wish to spend. 

How to make a call
You have two options for Local and National calls
  1. Dial the National access number (0), the Area Code, the phone number and SEND.
    ie: Making a call to a number of city of Buenos Aires
  ie: 0 11 xxx xxxx SND
  2. Dial the (+) key, the Country Code, the Area Code, the phone number and SEND
    ie: Making a call to a number of city of Buenos Aires
  ie: (+) 54 11 xxx xxxx SND
For International calls
  Dial the (+) Key, the Country Code, the Area Code, the phone number and SEND
    ie: Making a call to a number in Chile
  ie: (+) 52x xxx xxxx SND


AT&T Direct Access Number for Argentina
Dial this number first when calling from Argentina:

0 dash 8 0 0 dash 5 5 5 dash 4 2 8 8

0 dash 8 0 0 dash 2 2 2 dash 1 2 8 8

Tips for Making Calls from Argentina
  • Country-to-country calls may be placed to or from Argentina
Easy Dialing Instructions
Placing calls to The United States from Argentina:
ATT Direct Access Number + Area Code + Local Number
Country-to-country calling from Argentina:
ATT Direct Access Number + 01 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number


Useful Telephone NumbersArgentina Comunicaciones

Medical Urgencies


Civil Defense 103
Fire Department 100
Police (Radio electric command) 101
Argentine Federal Police 131
General Information
Information 110
Official Time 113
International Operator 000
National Operator 19